Getting Married in Hawaii: Tips to Save Money

When a person is planning a Hawaii wedding, there’s no question that the costs can get high – quickly. This doesn’t mean their dreams of getting married in this tropical paradise are dashed. There are a few tips that will help anyone save money on their wedding in Hawaii. Keep reading to learn more.

Choose the Right Islands

There are eight main islands that make up Hawaii. Each one of these locations has its own unique perks and offers a wide array of wedding amenities According to experts, though, the most affordable of all the islands for a wedding is Oahu. The other islands don’t offer as many amenities, options or vendors for catering, specialty linens or décor. However, if someone wants a more secluded wedding, Kauai is the way to go, and for the best resorts, stick to Maui.

Keep the Décor Simple

A couple can have very simple décor and still capture some amazing wedding photos. There’s no need to purchase a bunch of drapes or other expensive décor when there is so much beautiful, local fauna and flora available. The key is to take advantage of the beauty all around and use the beach, water, and entire environment as the wedding décor.

Select the Venue Carefully

One of the most common and most expensive mistakes that many couples make when choosing a venue is that they pick one that is too far away from their resort or other accommodations. In Hawaii, cheap transportation just doesn’t exist. This will take a huge bite out of any Hawaii wedding budget. There aren’t many Ubers in Hawaii and trying to get transportation may affect the amount of time the photographer is needed.

Making the Most of a Pre-Wedding Trip

There’s a good chance that a couple is going to visit Hawaii at least one time before their actual wedding. It’s a good idea to book early for all wedding related appointments, which includes venue walk-throughs, makeup and hair trials, food tastings and more so there’s a better chance to get them all done at the same time. This will prevent the need to make several trips before the wedding, helping everyone save money.

Taking the time to see how to save money on a destination money can help ensure a person doesn’t spend too much. Being informed is the best way to save money on this expense. The tips here can also ensure a destination wedding is completely seamless.